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Upstream PS Pressure Safety Valve (PSV) capability maintains over 5000 wellsites, 20 production facilities, and more than 10,000 PSV’s nationally.   To find out more about our vast range of PSV Capability click below

PSV Video

Video Transcript

Upstream Production Solutions have been servicing the Australasian Oil and Gas industry for over 25 years. 

We operate and maintain critical oil and gas and energy infrastructure across every major producing Basin in Australia.

We understand the challenges operators face maintaining their assets and most importantly their safety critical devices.

To do this safely and successfully we have highly trained engineers and technicians, NATA accredited processes and systems delivered in state-of-the-art mobile testing facilities. 

Our testing facilities are self-sufficient and rated up to 22,000 kpa  - providing us with the capability to test a full range of PSVs, back pressure regulators and other safety critical devices. 

Our innovative QR barcoding system offers easy access to all testing data history with a quick scan on any smart mobile device using purpose-built Safety Critical Device Software. 

Upstream PS maintains over 5,000 wellsites, 20 production facilities and more than 10,000 PSV’s nationally.   We offer a full range of servicing and rebuilding options and can manage all aspects of maintenance planning. 

With safety, innovation, quality and risk management at the core of our services and facilities, we are able to provide consistent reliable value to all our clients.

Choose Upstream Production Solutions.

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