Safety Culture

360 DEGREESSafety from every angle

360 DEGREES: Safety from every angle is GR Production Services’ Safety Culture Program.  Its number one goal is for all GR Production Services employees, clients, contractors and stakeholders to get home safely.

The program is based upon our Core Values with the objective of positively contributing to GR Production Services’ strong safety culture and performance.

The 360 DEGREES program asks our people to proactively think about safety from every angle before proceeding with any task, complementary to our Core Values that ask us to consider People, Community, Safety, Environment, Honesty, Integrity, Innovation and Quality.

Working collaboratively with clients, our team has performed well over the past 20 years, delivering across a range of complex onshore and offshore assets. We are constantly looking to improve.

We are committed to achieving the target of zero injuries, with individuals taking responsibility for their personal safety and the safety of their workmates.