PSV Capability – NATA Accredited Mobile PSV Testing Facilities

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Our experienced PSV maintenance team address a range of industry challenges, at the heart of which is the management of safety and business critical equipment, whether it be new or aging assets.  Our team provide safe, quality, cost effective solutions tailored to our clients’ needs and improve supply chain, engineering, operations, and maintenance management processes. We bring our extensive operations and maintenance expertise so that our client’s assets meet all regulatory requirements and remain reliable, safe and productive. Upstream PS maintains more than 15,000 PSV’s nationally using self-contained mobile and permanent PSV test facility/ benches.

Our most recent PSV Mobile Test Facility Truck is completely self-sufficient and rated up to 22,000 kpa - providing us with the capability to test a full range of PSVs, back pressure regulators and other safety critical devices.  Our innovative QR and bar-coding technology also enables easy access to all testing data history with a quick scan on any smart mobile device using purpose-built Safety Critical Device Software.  This latest Testing Facility complements our existing suite of PSV Testing Units and provides us with increased capacity to conduct testing in a timely and efficient manner – reducing disruption and costly production losses for our clients.


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