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As Australia’s leading provider of fully integrated services for asset optimisation and production solutions, the Upstream Production Solutions (Upstream PS) name has long been synonymous with delivery performance and excellence. The driving force behind their success is the dedicated teams who provide genuine value, ensuring the asset strategies of their clients continue to reach full operating potential.

Founded in Darwin in 1997 to service the growing Australasian Oil, Gas and Alternative Energy industries, Upstream PS have built an impressive track record for providing turnkey development and ongoing safe and sustainable operations and maintenance services and production solutions.

Early on in their journey, Upstream PS was awarded multiple contracts across Eastern Australia to provide design, build, operations and maintenance services for CO2 storage, processing, compression and injection facilities.  Since then, they have further enhanced their delivery capabilities with specialised engineering and project management services including full field development and field decommissioning. Today they continue to accomplish a vast range of activities on Australia’s leading geosequestration research and development project, CO2CRC.

 Projects have included:

  • CO2CRC Otway International Test Centre for Geosequestration, Otway Basin, Victoria
  • Zerogen Deep well CO2 injectivity Testing, Queensland.
  • International Power Consortium – Concept design for CCS, Gippsland Basin Victoria
  • CTSCo Exploration well, Design, Drilling, Ops, Management, Surat Basin Queensland

Upstream PS CEO Cameron Wills noted, “When supporting CCS (Carbon Capture Storage) projects, our teams have the ability to manage the multi-disciplined work scopes required for project success. For our clients, we bring both systems and skilled personnel to design, construct and operate plant whilst coordinating all approvals from statutory authorities.” The teams also manage well appraisal, well design, drilling/well workover activities and full field decommissioning, with full appreciation of process challenges and risks associated with CO2,.  Upstream PS have successfully designed and delivered more wells than any other company in Australia. GM Operations and Advisory - East, Marc Chable said “Our size of approx. 350 personnel is to our advantage and means we can remain agile, quickly responding to our clients changing needs. We are cost effective providing genuine value-added services without compromising on quality”.

Upstream PS welcomes the Australian Government recognition in emissions reduction technologies such as CCS and the positive impact this will have on our climate.  The Federal Government announcement of $1.9 billion of investment funding in 2020 for clean energy technologies with $50m targeted specifically for CCUS (Carbon Capture, Use and Storage) technologies is set to contribute to an accelerated reduction of emissions whilst maintaining and creating job growth. 

For close to twenty-five years, Upstream PS have been successfully supporting a range of clients in this specialised field of geosequestration with carbon dioxide and CCS technology. Upstream PS are a subsidiary of GR Engineering, a leading ASX listed process engineering consulting and contracting business that specialises in providing high quality engineering design and construction services. Upstream PS are ideally positioned to support research, technology development and delivery of carbon storage projects in this key emerging industry as it faces the climate challenges of the 21st century head on.

To learn more about Upstream PS experience on CCS projects – go to  https://www.upstreamps.com/projects/default.aspx


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