DISR Northern Endeavour - Crane Remediation

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Scope of Work

The Northern Endeavour FWD FAVCO Crane Reinstatement Project was developed and safely executed to enable the FWD Crane to return to service following it being removed from service for 3.5 years due to severe corrosion and cracking defects identified on the Crane boom. The Crane was deemed a requirement by NOPSEMA as a risk mitigation to facilitate a well kill response. By the decommissioning team lifting the subsea and topside flushing equipment from a supply vessel to achieve hydrocarbon free status prior to the vessel sailing away to its final destination. Numerous recertification activities were safely completed, and the crane was returned to service with a de-rated capacity of 15 tonne and 30m reach capable to undertake all future requirements/scopes


Completed structural repairs required to reinstate and recertify the Crane for use including:

  • Fabricate and install x29 boom lacing sections and 1 Qty Stanchion support
  • Develop weld procedures and code welders accordingly
  • All welding completed in Safehouse Habitats
  • 50 Tonne of engineered scaffold erected for reinstatement activities
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) conducted on all welds
  • Luff hoist wire rope changeout
  • Pendant wire rope changeout
  • Hoist wire rope change out
  • Hoist and luff limit switch install and commissioning
  • Boom walkway C-channel install
  • Robway de-rated Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI) install
  • Install of boom timber rubbing bars
  • 1Y PM Service & Inspection
  • 1Y PM Structural Inspection
  • Pedestal crane condition checklist
  • Proof load testing including pre and post load Non-destructive testing (NDT).


Department of Indsutry, Science & Resources - DISR

Laminaria-Corralina Fields, Timor Sea

2019 – 2022