Senex Maintenance and Project Services

Scope of Work

GRPS is currently engaged to deliver production optimisation projects to Senex Energy in the Wandoan and Roma regions This scope of work underscores the crucial role GRPS plays in ensuring the operational integrity and efficiency of Senex's facilities in these locations.

The collaboration between GRPS and Senex Energy highlights the importance of strategic partnerships in the energy sector, where reliable maintenance services are vital for sustaining operations, mitigating risks and maximising asset value over the long term.


GRPS is/has managed several projects for Senex Energy:

Woleebee Ck LPD Installs:

Purpose: Remove water from gas lines to enhance gas capture rates and prevent water hammering.

Scope: Develop and install the units, design the trailer system with hazardous area analysis and build detention tank and reinjection system.


Atlas 3 ML Water Treatment Plant Fuel Gas Upgrade:

Purpose: Upgrade Atlas WTP to handle future development needs, addressing issues with free liquids in the fuel gas supply.

Scope: Install an underground separator, metering skid, low point drain pump unit and new fuel gas supply skid.


Roma Nth Water Gathering Booster Pump Station Trail:

Purpose: Install a water transfer pipeline from EOS dam to Glenora dam as part of the Roma North expansion.

Scope: Design, construct and operate a pump skid and pipeline tie-in for the trial, providing data to determine if a new gathering line is necessary.

Deliverables: Include functioning pump skids and raw trial data for assessment.

GRPS adopts an agile approach to each of these projects. Frequent communication with Senex addresses any deviations promptly. This iterative process allows us to identify and rectify issues early and prevents costly rework.


Senex Energy

Wandoan & Roma, Queensland 

2023 – ongoing