ENEOS - MCH Demonstration Plant Facility


ENEOS Corporation constructed a demonstration plant in Brisbane, to produce methylcyclohexane (MCH), a liquid carrier of Hydrogen at atmospheric pressure and temperature, using its proprietary low-cost “electrochemical synthesis of organic hydride” method. The opening ceremony was held January 30, and the plant began operating in February 2023.

The demonstration plant produces green MCH by powering an electrolyzer with a 250-kilowatt solar power system. With the aim of maximizing production efficiency, the plant confirmed the durability of the electrolyzer under subtropical conditions as well as develop optimal operation and control technologies for it when plant operation is adjusted to match fluctuations in solar power. The plant operations were conducted from February to September 2023.


GRPS were engaged by ENEOS to provide Operations Readiness (risk assessments, procedures, processes implementation, and team competence) and Commissioning services towards the end of the construction phase of the facility. GRPS were also engaged to operate and maintain the Green Hydrogen facility under GRPS management systems to ensure Regulatory compliance. At completion of the demonstration phase the plant was decommissioned. Subsequently an upscaled project for testing additional technologies and larger production volumes is planned for soon.



Bulwer Island, Queensland

2023 - 2023