QGC - Well Appraisal Package


Design, Manufacture, Fabrication and Installation of Well Appraisal Packaged Equipment

Scope of Work

Upstream PS has been working in the Coal Seam Gas sector for over 10 years.  It is this experience and industry knowledge together with good client communications that helped to make this project a success.

  • Design, develop, fabricate, test and installation of well appraisal packaged equipment
  • Packaged equipment including gas separator, flare module, solar powered programmable logic controller (PLC) based Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU)

Unique Challenges

  • Meeting deadlines for design deliverables
  • Expediting installation of skid components
  • Transporting separator skid and flare to site
  • Undertaking EPCM activities to deliver project within stringent client timelines (12 weeks deadline) 
  • 12 hours lead time to hook-up the skid to the well


Cost effective design, minimise installation and commissioning window and reliable in-field performance 


Watch our three-minute timelapse video 




Queensland Gas Company (QGC)


South West Queensland